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Holiday Max RCI Points

Buy RCI Points Timeshare thru Holiday Max RCI Points Marketplace. Full RCI Points accounts wherever you live in the World, soft pricing, low maintenance fees, Pure Points, Weeks As Points, Platinum Points, Points that you can hand back no penalty anytime. See our 79000 RCI Points example of where you could go.

At Holiday Max we make buying RCI Points easy and give you a wide choice of ways of doing it from our complete range of RCI Points Timeshares.

Club Holiday Max

High Luxury Low-Cost Vacations WORLDWIDE. No Maintenance Fees, No Exchange Fees, No Ownership, No Banking or depositing, Save Money, Unlimited use, Excellent availability year round, studios, 1 beds, 2 beds, 3 beds. 5 Years for $ 1495. 40 Years just USD $ 1995 in our current special offer

What Is Club Holiday Max?

Timeshare Resort Vacations Without Property Ownership Costs 

Get 2 - 40 Years Membership Of High Luxury Low-Cost Vacations.

No Maintenance Fees, No Exchange Fees, No Ownership, No Banking or Depositing A Week, Save Money, Unlimited use, Excellent availability year round.

Instead of the capital outlay of buying a timeshare, you have a 2,5, 10, 20 or 40-year membership to Club Holiday Max with a low yearly membership fee of $89.

There are no maintenance fees and no exchange fees. Look, book and go at fantastic rates as low as $389 a week, in most cases lower than if you owned the timeshares themselves and paid all the costs. Plus you can go for two weeks, three weeks or just a day or two, it is as flexible as you want to be.

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