How To Buy RCI Points

RCI Points Prices, Offers, Charts

How To Buy RCI Points

Find out how to buy RCI points so you get more points and more vacations for less cost to own and with lower running costs by buying wisely.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to get yourself a super RCI points ownership with stunningly low maintenance fees, the first step is to get our pdf brochure and hot special offers.

Best RCI Points To Own

Get insider tips on which are the best RCI Points to own and why.

RCI Weeks Points vs RCI Pure Points Which saves you money over the other

There are a number of ways you can own RCI Points find out which is the best way to own RCI Points and why.

How Much Do RCI Points Cost?

We have maintenance fees of £175, yes £175 ($225), so you can save money on your holidays and our ownerships can help pay for themselves in savings. Find out the best RCI Points offers for you, starting as low as £995 with the lowest of costs.

How To Buy RCI Points For A Fraction Of The Normal Costs.

Because our resorts are long established we can offer our owners resales that cost almost 4 times as much when new, to you, at a fraction of the original cost. In many cases you save up to 80% of the cost of buying direct from other resorts or presentations.

RCI Points Full Accounts as standard

Holiday Max RCI Points offer ownerships are genuine RCI Points and that means you get your own live online RCI points account which means you have full access to instant bookings, you can hold a booking for 48 hours or book it straight away online and have all the rights and privelages of a full RCI Points member. You won't have to contact your resort or Points company before any bookings.

RCI Points Charts

Find out how many RCI Points you need to take vacations around the world, so you know how many points you need.

RCI Points brochure

Get our RCI Points brochure when you sign up for special offers, charts, blog posts and more or simply mail us for help and advice.

Payment for purchases through Pay Pal invoice. UK resident purchasers have defered payment and finance offers available, ask for details