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RCI Points System Time Share Information
RCI Points Holidays Guide

All the Time Share information you need to know about the RCI Points system including what are the types of RCI Points you can own, the RCI Points network, how much do RCI Points cost, RCI points booking fees and rci points values for resorts at various times of year and sizes of units can be found on this page.

This page is for those of you that want the finer details of RCI Points in greater detail in a Step By Step way, if you just want a Turbo Charged Quick Overview of RCI Pure Points or a Jump Start on owning Fixed RCI Weeks as RCI Points use those links for infographics and where you will also find our latest Astounding RCI Points Special Offers.

You can use RCI points to:
Return to your own week
Holiday at your home resort at any time of year in any size of unit
Holiday within your home group of resorts
Holiday at RCI Points resorts
Holiday at RCI Weeks resorts (formerly the RCI Exchange Program)
Holiday for increased length of time with less cost
Save Points to create an extra special holiday
Borrow from next year to use now
Make RCI Points Partner reservations (Hotels, Cottages, Cruises, car hire, flights etc) RCI Points -
You’re given the flexibility to change:-
Any Size and type of accommodation (From hotel rooms to 3 bedroomed luxury apartment suites sleeping 8)
The duration of your stay, whether it’s a whole week or a few days*.
The luxury rating of the resort and individual accommodation from 1 key to 5 key
The time of year you wish to travel.

You can use your RCI Points to make flight, car hire and hotel reservations, with selected RCI Points Partners.

RCI Points Use Year
RCI Points Membership runs on an Anniversary rather than a Calendar basis. This means that your annual Membership runs for a full 12 months from the date you join rather than until the end of the year in which you join.

Booking your holidays with RCI Points
When you feel like getting away Just look inside the RCI Points Directory or browse in your RCI Directory online. You’ll find all kinds of fantastic resorts listed geographically.

All you have to do is pick your destination, decide when you want to travel and then look up the Points value for that location.

You can make your reservation up to 10 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday.

Resort Grading
Resorts are graded in key factors ranging from 1key to 5 key then 5L key, within each factor are the unit sizes, kitchen types, number of bathrooms and privacy and the week numbers. This is different to RCI Crown Awards which exchange guests vote for.

Out of season low key numbers are lower in point value than top key resorts in the largest units in peak demand times. This leaves you in full control of how many points you wish to budget for each type of holiday.

Weekend breaks and mid week breaks have a separate point value to full weeks, all these values are in your RCI Points catalogues or in your online account.

When you want to travel back to your home week, home resort, or home resort group, separate reservation times apply. This is to ensure that you receive priority in making your holiday reservation.

RCI Points Reservations
Regular RCI Points Reservation
Bookable 10 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday. unlimited duration – example 2 weeks - per booking

RCI Points Home Week Priority Reservation
If you convert a fixed week of timeshare ownership into RCI Points and would like to reserve that particular week, please call your RCI Travel Consultant 13 — 12 months before the desired start date of your holiday. This way, they can ensure that you have priority in booking your own week. No booking charge Home Resort Priority Reservation

If you have converted either a fixed or floating week into RCI Points and wish to holiday at your Home Resort, please call your RCI Travel Consultant 11/12 months before the desired start date of your holiday. This way they can ensure that you have priority in booking your holiday reservation along with other members who own at your Home Resort.

Home Group Priority Reservation
If your Home Resort is part of a larger group of properties such as Los Claveles in our special offer range, you have priority over all other RCI members (except those who also own within your Home Group) when you call us is 11 - 10 months before the desired start date of your holiday.

RCI Weeks Reservation
If the resort you wish to travel to is an RCI Weeks Resort, bookings can be made up to 24 months in advance of the desired start date of your holiday.

Your Own RCI Points Use Year
Your Use Year is the annually recurring 12 month period during which you must use your RCI Points. Points are assigned to you based on the date your membership in RCI Points begins.

For example, if your membership begins in May, your Points membership runs from May each year. If you buy additional Points at a later date, your Use Year remains the same.

Saving RCI Points
If you find you can’t use all of your RCI Points in any one year, your unused Points will automatically be saved to the next Use Year.

RCI Points can be saved for one year or two in Platinum memberships

Borrowing RCI Points
If you do not have enough RCI Points to book the holiday you really want, you can always borrow Points from the following year’s annual entitlement. At any time during a given Use Year, you can borrow Points from the following Use Year. If your reservation was made with borrowed Points and you decide to cancel, your Points are automatically returned to the Use Year from which they were borrowed.

Transferring RCI Points
You may transfer your RCI Points to another RCI Points member any time during your Use Year. You can also purchase a Guest Certificate that enables you to share your holiday with non- member friends and family. Adding Points Ownership You can add extra points ownership to your existing membership at any time if you wish to increase your ownership or you can buy more weeks and convert them in the future

RCI Points Partner Reservations
In addition to the fantastic accommodation choice, you can also use your RCI Points to pay for travel and leisure services through RCI Points Partners.

Whether you’re hiring a car, reserving airline tickets or looking for a hotel, you will find details located inside the RCI Points Directory in the RCI Points Partner section.

And this is just the beginning, as our RCI Points Partners increase, so will your choices. What’s more, for added flexibility you can pay for your Points Partner reservation in full using your Points, or you can choose to part-pay in Points and pay the balance in cash.

RCI Travel
In addition to using your Points against selected travel services, you can also benefit from the special member offers through RCI Travel. RCI Travel is one of Europe’s leading travel agencies and has been arranging travel for RCI members since 1987. Through working with Europe’s top airlines and tour operators as well as Avis Rent a Car in Europe and Alamo Rent a car in the USA and Canada, they can offer you exclusive and competitive prices - whatever your travel requirements.

How far will your your points go?
Remember the new system does not recognise ownership weeks, when they were banked or their trading power, it solely looks to see that you have the required amount of points

Own 55,500 RCI points and you could have a school holiday 2 bedroomed 2 bathroomed apartment suite in a 2 key resort in the Canaries in August or alternatively two weeks in a 1 bedroom suite in weeks 6 and 7 also school holiday weeks. In a 4 key in Spain in the early part of the year you could take 6 weeks in a 1 bed

With 65,500 RCI Points you could be sitting by the pool in the sun in a 5 key high luxury resort on Madeira in a 2 bedroom week in August or you could opt for two early weeks in a studio at the same resort and have 9,500 points left over, enough for a weekend break in a 4 key in Cornwall.

120,000 RCI points could get you a two week 2 bedroom golf resort holiday in the UK in June or two weeks in a 5 key resort in Portugal in June or two weeks in Hawaii or three weeks in a 2 bed in Florida in June or 4 weeks in a 1 bed in the Canaries with 12,000 points left over.

164,000 RCI points ownership would get you two weeks in a 1 bed in a top South Coast resort in the UK in August or two weeks in a 5 key resort in summer in Spain and enough for a week in the Canaries in a 1 bedroom suite. Alternatively you could have two weeks in a 2 bed in Spain 4 key in June and two weeks in a 2 bed in Madeira in October.

Existing Timeshare Owners
If you are an existing European timeshare owner you can cede your week/s to the RCI Points system for a value allocated by RCI to your particular ownership.

You can add extra points to boost this value to the level you wish to own. We can also add extra points to any existing RCI Points owner Worldwide.

Ceding is rather like a form of permanent spacebanking with a value returned instead of weeks. Every year at the time of year you joined you get another issue of points. You retain the ownership of the timeshare and carry on paying the maintenance as before.

New to Timeshare
If you are a first time buyer and want to go straight into the leading exchange system then nothing could be simpler. Let us know what your holiday requirements or budget are and we will show you the most suitable purchase plan tailored to you own specific needs. Prices start from £ 895 / US $ 995 to own and or convert.

The ceding and membership is done through our resort and RCI direct.

Remember you retain ownership of your weeks so there is no need to send in your ownership documentation.

Key booking benefits and special offers for existing and first time owners

Holiday by the day
Weekend breaks
Mid week breaks
Hotels by the day
Save up for a fabulous holiday
Larger apartments for more people
Smaller apartments for more breaks and longer durations
Any quality level up or down
More breaks out of season
Non timeshare accommodations
Car hire
Save money
Low point deals
Dual membership

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Owners Say.....

Here’s what OUR owners say about their RCI Points membership:

We tried our timeshare swap into Florida in November - excellent - I wish that we had known 6 years ago when I retired. We went to Gulf Coast for a week of relaxation - last minute there was not much availability but we got into Coral Shores #0715. Accommodation good location superb - 5 yards to the pool - 5 yds from there to the beach and 20 yds of clean white sand to the sea. Several miles of beach in each direction for our morning or evening walk.

2nd week in Orlando in Gold Crown Kingstown Reef #5945. Accommodation excellent and a good location being halfway between Disney and International Drive. Again there was a limited availability in the area but remember we only booked 2-3 weeks bef ore. We are off to Tenerife on Jan 3 for a week to El Marques at Los Gigantes. We will then have used about 55000 of our 96000 points leaving us almost enough for a week in Las Vegas at regular points or who knows what else? Thanks for your help - I may have a new customer or 2 for you in the New Year. Kevin

On my 1st attempt at using the points system this afternoon I managed to reserve a week straight away at a 5L resort in the Canaries……... I'm well impressed. …!! Chris Lock

This year my two August one bedroom weeks at Club Tenerife have translated into:- A week in Cyprus at Club Pyla - only 9000 points! two weeks on a six berth Stratford Court Narrow Boat in June. Just look up the cost of hiring a narrow boat. This alone compensates for the years fees. And finally a week at Quaysiders . Next year we have already booked a week in the Algarve(13000) and a three bedroom cottage in Galway Bay (39000) May.

After over 40 years of having to take school holidays we are now free to avoid peak periods, and we are really enjoying our excursion into Timeshare. My wife says that the RCI brochure has given me more enjoyment that anything else, well perhaps not quite as much as MicroMart! Regards Peter Williams

Converting is simple and you can even pay by credit card. Ask for our special tailored offers.

UK and EU law gives you complete protection as a purchaser with Holiday Max. We fully comply with both the 1992 Timeshare Act and the 1997 EU directive on Timeshare.

How do I buy RCI Points Timeshare?
That's easy. All you have to do now is choose how many RCI Points is best for you from our extensive range.

We are on hand to give independent and unbiased advice on which resort would best serve your needs. We have chosen resorts for our portfolio that meet our stringent Criteria.

We are not developers so do not own any resorts that we would have a bias towards. We let you make an informed choice, so our prices are substantially lower than if you bought through a conventional sales operation because of our referral program.

We offer the best prices at the very best resorts and 80% of our owners either buy more or recommend and refer us to their friends or colleagues. The Canaries in the old RCI system is all red time. One would assume that made them all equal but as you can see peak can be worth double other times.

Consequently this means you can go further for the same cost, more flexibility and more choice or combine your ownership to get better flexibility. So units, weeks and quality can vary to your own choice and not be tied to your individual weeks ownership. Owners of peak weeks can get many more weeks in the earlier times of the year

12000 RCI Points Starter Ownerships

12000 Starter RCI Points Ownership (RCI Pure Points or points with no property) with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

36500 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 36500 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

79000 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 79000 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

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