What Are RCI Points

How Does RCI Points Work? How Do You Own RCI Points?

Choosing the best way to own RCI Points

FIXED WEEKS RCI POINTS Are weeks you own used as RCI Points. All weeks have different values dependant on supply and demand at the resort, the size and type of apartment and the season (time of year) you own. So a low season week could be 8000 points and a high season week 45000 points in an apartment and all weeks in the apartment have the same maintenance fee cost

Choosing higher season better scoring weeks means you have lower costs per point and so this is usually the best option to own if you want lower running costs.

You can book your own apartment from 13 months ahead, your own resort from 12 months in advance.

RCI Pure points the maintenance fee is spread over the apartment year. This makes the maintenance fee slightly higher as an average than the FIXED RCI POINTS option. You can use RCI Pure Points to book 10 months in advance. These are cheaper to buy and can be great for small ownerships or if you just want an RCI Points account for Points For Deposit and to use the late breaks and last call offers.

What Are RCI Points? 

RCI Points Are A Way Of Getting The Most Benefit From Your Timeshare. There are two ways to have RCI Points 

First, here's how it works for Fixed Weeks As Points
You own a week or weeks of timeshare and do a deal with RCI called an RCI Points Agreement.

Every year RCI get your apartment week and can let other RCI owners use it.

In return you get a fixed value of RCI points every year to spend on other owners vacation weeks anywhere around the World

First step is choose a week to own

You buy the week that suits you with a value that you want and then Holiday Max will convert that week into RCI Points. Now that you are in points you can spend them on any bookings at any resort in RCI, all you need ar enough points for the booking.

Alternatively you can just buy 36000 RCI Pure Points (or however many you want of course) and this way you own no property, just the points every year.

How RCI Points Work - 36000 RCI Points Example

Here is how RCI Points work for you - and everyone else. All RCI Points are the same the World over.

Spend your RCI points any way you like

Instead of just one week in a fixed size apartment you have unlocked your timeshare with RCI Points and can spend those points as you wish at any RCI Resort Worldwide

Join All Those Other Happy RCI Points Owners Worldwide

It works just the same for everyone all around the World. They convert their weeks into points and make their weeks available in RCI Points

Join Our Holiday Max Mailer For Direct To Inbox RCI Points Offers

Offers direct to your door as soon as stock arrives. We NEVER share your data with ANYONE and you will only receive mail from us that you can unsubscribe from at anytime from any of our mailers.

What can RCI Points be used for? 

You have all of the RCI advantages as well as Super Discount Resort Offers, Last minute Point Reductions, last call and point-free special offers (vacations without using your points).

Book anywhere, anytime, any size. Book Timeshare Resort Vacations. Full RCI Benefits for Apartment Suites, Villas, Hotels, Yachts, Canal Cruisers, Cottages, RCI Cruises, Points Partners, Auto Hire, Theme tickets, Flights.

Use it yourself, take friends and family, get guest certificates for others to use.

Use this year or save over till next year, borrow next years points and use now.

Take vacations without using your points with RCI's member special vacation offers

Book by the day, weekend, mid week break, weekly, monthly, mix and match days.

Because Holiday Max have such low maintenance fees you save money on all your future vacations

Without the booking restrictions that weeks have you simply own enough points for what you want to do. 

Buy RCI Points

Buying The Right RCI Points

We help you get the perfect RCI Points So You Get The Most Advantages 

Buying Your RCI Points Is Easy

We can help you choose the best RCI Points with the lowest fees, just ask and we will help. You can have small RCI Points accounts from 12000 Points up to whatever you want to own. You can add more points at any time and they all work together seamlessly.

If you are an existing owner our points are seamlessly added to your account and will have the same points renewal date each year..

All RCI points have the same value the world over.  No hassle easy purchase, everything is done from your own home and by post/email.

 Your RCI Points run from YOUR local RCI office, wherever you live in the World

Have your own live online RCI Points account, with favourites and points balances etc

What do RCI Points cost?

To Get Started, Simply  Choose A Special Offer. At Holiday Max we have super low maintenance fee RCI Points and that means low cost vacations from here on.

Our maintenance fees can be a third or less than most owners pay and that is because we only sell Resorts that have a long track record of good management and by selecting carefully the weeks of the year we sell.

If you want to start at the 12000 RCI points level checkout that page or follow the links up the scale from there.

91,000 RCI Points Offer price $2995 Maintenance just $430
45500 RCI Points Offer price $2695 Maintenance just $215

Easy Two Part Paperwork

There are two parts to the paperwork. The Resort Ownership paperwork and then the RCI Points Agreement which turns that ownership into RCI Points every year.

Everything is done by email and your ownership includes the purchase cost and the cost of creating the RCI Points account. The yearly maintenance fees are due on purchase. Closing costs $199. Optional Platinum Upgrade $89.

Existing RCI Points Owners will have these points added to their existing RCI Points accounts seamlessly.

RCI Points Owner

Every day new owners join RCI Points increasing the weeks permanently available every year to fellow RCI Points owners.

Wnat to get started. Send us a message on the form saying what you would like to own and we will get right back to you with how to get started.

Because Holiday Max have such low maintenance fees you save money on all your future vacations whilst going to fabulous RCI Resorts

Fast Help From Holiday Max . 

Holiday Max RCI points 

Welcome to Holiday Max. How To Buy RCI Points, Get Charts, Guides, Members Handbook and more info and help

Ask for help anytime by email or our forms, we are happy to help.

Buying Your RCI Points through HOLIDAY MAX saves you a fortune and should save you money on every holiday because of our low maintenance fees from our great RCI Crown Awarded resorts.  Prices start at USD $ 1295 / £995 for full RCI Points accounts

Buy RCI Points from the comfort of your own home in your own time - Low cost RCI Points Memberships and low yearly fees. We offer the best deals with the lowest of running costs delivering fabulous quality vacations and maintenance fees start as low as $190 / £130


Full RCI Points Accounts.
No booking restrictions.
Look and book online, Hold a Booking for 24 Hours while you carry on browsing, Points Discounts, special offers, last call and points free offers.

Simple To Use

No complex rules. You have your own login to the RCI website and you browse and choose from any available RCI Resort Worldwide. You simply need enough Points for your choice.

Low Yearly Fees

Holiday Max Cherry Pick the best RCI Points ownerships to give you the lowest of running costs at tried and trusted resorts with excellent history and track record going back over at least 10 years.

Top Ownerships

Soft RCI Points  purchase prices and low running costs make for great vacations long term.
Fully upgradeable, can be handed back anytime, resold or passed on to family or friends

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