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Holiday Max The RCI Points Market Place To Buy & Sell RCI Points
Holiday Max. Buying or selling RCI Points. E-mail for top advice on anything RCI points for our quick help.

Buying RCI Points

Buying RCI Points is easy through Holiday Max.

The RCI paperwork is standard and usually completion is around 6 weeks from purchase to being live and being able to book a vacation.

Everything is done from the comfort of your own home and there are no presentations to attend or additional payments. The price you see is the price you buy RCI Points for.

Holiday Max sell RCI Points for all our owners and there is no cost to register or any fees. Average time to resell from registering is around 2 months to completion and payout.

Sellers must give 1 years notice to RCI and Holiday Max are pleased to offer this service at no cost to our own clients.

If you are not a Holiday Max client and own RCI points from owning weeks in Europe, then we may list your weeks for you at no cost, but this is subject to acceptance.

What Is Holiday Max?

Holiday Max is the revolutionary game changer in the World of how to buy RCI Points. We have been selling RCI Points since they started and have a service level second to non. Low cost high value ownerships delivered in just 6 weeks from purchase.

Our Holiday Max owners have a live login to the rci website, where thay can see all their account details, how many points are remaining and special points reservations offers. Even better once you are a Holiday Max RCI points owner you can browse the RCI website until you find just the RCI Points vacation you want and then you can book it there and then, live online from your own account. The system deducts the points from your balance and instantly confirms your booking. With our RCI points there is no need to call a developer or other marketer first, with Holiday Max it is instant.

What Is RCI Points Timeshare?

What Is RCI Points Timeshare? These are fabulous RCI Points Resorts As RCI points From Holiday Max RCI Points Timeshare. What Are RCI Points but a liquid value of what your timeshare is worth in a points value. Simplicity itself and as fair as can be. You always get exactly the amount of points your timeshare is worth every year and then it is absolutely up to you how you choose to spend your points on your vacations.