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Get our latest 2018 RCI Points brochure is an introduction to RCI Points Vacations and what you get when you join with Holiday Max and we also have our new RCI Points charts as a rough guide to how many points you need at some of the locations across the USA, Mexico and Caribbean.

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On request, we have values charts for the World and values charts specific to RCI Points resorts Worldwide in greater detail. If you would like copies please ask and we will email them over.

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If you have an idea of how many points you would like to own, let us know and we will give you our latest special offers at that level. We have points ownerships from 18000 points and upwards for 395 to own.

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In the brochure. Buy RCI Points wisely, how to get Best RCI Points, more points, more vacations , less costs or fees. Best RCI Points with lowest costs means you get super savings on your vacations. Find out best way to buy RCI points for the way YOU want with lowest yearly dues. Holiday Max have Best Way To Buy RCI Points and you can get Twice the points half the cost

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2018 RCI Points Brochure FREE Download
Buy RCI Points Wisely. All types, platinum, pure, weeks, less costs lower fees, Widest Range, Soft Pricing, Widest Range, Soft Pricing. How To Buy RCI Points Wisely section of the brochure, download yours by using the instant access form.

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This is a limited stock release offer. All weeks are brand new from our resorts and converted for points (dual use)

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Twice the points you get elsewhere and half the cost in dues.... save money on all your vacations by buying wisely. Get the brochure to find out how. Look at these low running cost ownerships in our offers.

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Get your latest brochure, these special offers and more using the instant link forms. More points, less fees and costs and a great brochure of what you get and all about RCI Points.

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