What Is RCI Points?

 How Does RCI Points Work?

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What is RCI Points? Find out all about this exciting way to vacation

Why Timeshare?

Vacation Ownership to save money, whilst ensuring luxury, amenities and location. But make sure you buy the right one and the right one for the right job, but only if you buy the right one for you.

So, what is a timeshare then? Timeshares are generally a week of the year owned by deed or Club Trustee Membership, shared amongst the other owners, not just of that particular villa or apartment, but usually of the whole timeshare resort or even timeshare resort multi destination club (a set of timeshare resorts).

The idea being that once you have bought your share or shares and own them, then you only have to maintain their upkeep every year by paying a manegement fee and no longer have to pay expensive rents.

How Does A Fixed Week Timeshare Work?

Fixed Timeshare Weeks. Now if you own specific timeshare weeks in a particular villa or apartment you can go to your very own villa weeks every year, year after year. Fixed weeks as an example would be weeks 51 and 52 for Christmas and New Year or 33 and 34 are August. That's a simple version of what a timeshare is.

Management Fees. Once you have your timeshare weeks you pay the annual management fee to the resort or appointed management company and they look after your entire resort. Which means all the amenities and leisure facilities, the reception and cleaning and all other costs fees and taxes, everything shared by everyone equally.

Motivation For Fixed Weeks? You like a particular unit, perhaps with a great sea view or a hot tub on the balcony or you want to bring the family to the "home from home vacation timeshare" every year. The advantage is you are 100% guaranteed your own unit, after all you own that specific one. But you are stuck with the same weeks and the same unit. However, as time progressed there became more interesting and more varied things that can be done with timeshare!

The Holiday Max Alternative

Timeshares are brilliant if you buy the right one, but that can be quite expensive and even more expensive if you buy the wrong one. Holiday Max lets you have the timeshare weeks without having to own any. In effect saving you thousands of £'s or $'s in the purchase cost. You get all the benefits of owning such as exchanging a week as well as the benefits of extra weeks at short notice as well.

Fixed Weeks & Points.

You buy your week or weeks of timeshare. You can exchange those weeks to other resorts for an exchange fee of £114 per week through RCI. You can convert the weeks to points and they become a liquid value and roughly the same booking fee.

You have the purchase cost, the legals, RCI setup and yearly fee to RCI of £89. You have the Management Fee (MF) to your resort per week owned whether you use it or not.

Holiday Max On Demand.

Holiday Max On Demand is a very special membership. You can join it for as long or as short a time as you wish, there are no MF (management fees), no property costs or large financial outlay, no liability or asset problems.

With Holiday Max you buy a deposit to bank in our exchange system and request an exchange. You have no ties or financial worries, just the upsides of using timeshare with non of the risks or worries.

What Is Holiday Max?

Holiday Max is the revolutionary game changer in the World of Holiday Exchange. Membership is a one time low cost setup fee of £499 and a yearly membership fee after the first 12 months of £100 OR monthly instalments of £10 per month from year two, if you wish to renew. You can leave anytime no cost and there is no rejoining fee when you return, you simply pay a years membership when you need it.

What Is RCI Points Timeshare?

What Is RCI Points Timeshare? This is a fabulous RCI Points Resort From Holiday Max RCI Points Timeshare What Are RCI Points but a liquid value of what your timeshare is worth. Simplicity itself and as fair as can be. You always get exactly the amount of points your timeshare is worth, to use every year and then it is absolutely up to you, as to how you choose to spend your points on your vacations. You can choose to spend less RCI Points in lower key value resorts and get more of them or you can save up everything together to go to a 5L key resort (above 5 star) as you so wish. Your only restriction to requesting the booking is sufficient vacation ownership points. Mail us now for more info How Do I Buy An RCI Points Timeshare? How do you buy an RCI Points Timeshare? At Holiday Max RCI Points Timeshare we are here to offer over 27 years of excellent service, experience and knowledge. If you buy the right RCI Points Package from us at the right price, with a second to non track record of resort management and low maintenance fees, then you will save money on fabulous vacations for years and years to come. How to get a good RCI Points Timeshare. Easily, you simply have to ask us which package we think will suit you best and take our advice. However, we offer a special service that is unique to Holiday Max RCI Points Timeshare. We ensure you have enough info to let you see which RCI Points deals are good ones. That way you can tell for yourself what is a good timeshare deal and what is a silly one. Some timeshare make better vehicles for ownership in RCI Points than others, if you are a clever buyer. For instance all weeks throughout the year have the same management fees in a particular timeshare unit, but some weeks may have a points value of 11,000, whereas others at a different time of year, may be 79,000 rci Points in value. Both of those weeks have the same annual running cost fees (Management Fee), but one gets 7 times the vacations of the other! No Deposits, no monies upfront, no sales calls or visits, no tours to attend, but you do get a 14 day full cooling off period and RCI Paperwork by mail to the comfort of your own home. We have been offering a full 14 day cooling off period for 27 years and pride ourselves on the fact that our owners chose us! If you are serious about getting the best performing, money saving, asset retaining RCI Points Vacation Package, then contact us for more info and we will send you a mail with our insider tips into what makes our particular RCI Points deals the best on the market. We have thousands of happy owners and we would welcome you with open arms to join them

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