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Holiday Max. Simply the best place in the World to buy and sell RCI Points. Sell RCI Points with Holiday Max, Sell RCI Points by owner or sell RCI Points direct to buyers here on Holiday Max.

Selling My RCI Points

Selling RCI Points on Holiday Max gives you a number of great choices on how you go about it. Holiday Max are specialists in just RCI points so we are best placed to give you expert help and advice to best help you sell the way you want to.

Holiday Max may let you sell  European Timeshare Points that are in RCI Points subject to acceptance, no fee to the seller. You can register and list FREE on Holiday Max

We have buyers waiting in some cases for certain weeks, particularly at resorts such as Los Claveles in Tenerife. Although it can take a year to withdraw from RCI Points we can assist along the way and can even recoup the costs you have during the year in your sale, we can also help in difficult ownerships such as Escritura weeks where we can transfer and alleviate the costs substantialy through Holiday Max Services (No costs to seller)

We can help you:

  • If we accept your ownership At Holiday Max - this is Free if you qualify
  • We particularly want Los Claveles Weeks In Good Standing
  • Come out of RCI Points
  • Sell to existing Holiday Max RCI points owners
  • Free advice
  •   Notify RCI points that you want to sell and withdraw from points
  •   Help transfer existing RCI points in your account to a buyer
  • Give, help, guidance and best advice

Once you have decided you want to sell we need a bit of information about what you are offering so we can create your listing

First step is to get our free web brochure about selling on Holiday Max

Get Selling On Holiday Max

Get Selling On Holiday Max.

The first step is to tell us what you own in the way of RCI Points and we need to know the resort that your RCI points are converted with, any other resorts that are included with it (other resorts where you own weeks) and the management fees you pay.

Selling Weeks As RCI Points.

You can sell your weeks as the bundle they are, or once you have withdrawn your weeks from RCI you can sell them together or individually for reconverting back into RCI points.

"Buyers who know what they are looking for will often cherry pick out good weeks with high points scores and low management MF fees"

What you have to be wary of is selling off the good weeks and getting stuck with any ownerships you may have that are less than perfect.

Weeks with a low points value or huge MF's are almost impossible to give away let alone sell, so if you own a combination you need to be savvy and offer as a bundle.

If however you just own cherries it may be buyers will want to buy it to use the week at the resort. Ask Max for help and adice once you are registered with us.

Selling RCI Pure Points.

RCI Pure Points are handed back and cannot be resold. Call RCI to start the process, we do not assist in this instance.

Max Help Selling Your RCI Points

Holiday Max is the revolutionary game changer to selling your RCI Points. Before you can sell, you need to make yourself clued up on what your best options are, what the RCI points rules are on reselling your ownership and how to best go about competing with other rci points that are for sale.

Luckily, here at Holiday Max we have a great brochure that gives you top tips and advice on how to go about selling your RCI points to get the best desired effect. Get your copy with what the rules are on selling, why you expressely can't use a timeshare resales agent to sell rci points and what you can do to give yourself the best options.

Holiday Max has no ties, no management fees or complicated rules
Holiday Max is as easy as 1,2,3
Holiday Max Holidays For All The Family


  •   Free Listing On Holiday Max
  •   The one year notice of withdrawal with RCI Points
  •   How to sell direct to other owners
  •   Selling before the RCI Points release date
  •   Selling your week with Holiday Max Help
  •   Transfering Ownership
  •   Moving the membership to another RCI Points owner